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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

That's It! Online Shopping Ban in Force

My latest Dorothy Perkins order arrived today, and since I have just been on a Melbourne shopping spree, the timing was not good. I no longer want, and definitely do not need, most if not all of the items in the order. I am also disappointed, because the one item that I really wanted (leather boots for 15 pounds) was not included in the order because they were 'sold out', despite being in stock on the website when I ordered. I don't think websites should be allowed to charge a high flat shipping rate and then vary your order by omitting items, without the customer's consent!

I also almost made an order on Urban Outfitters today - luckily the main item I wanted sold out while I was deliberating.

I have been spending money to make myself happy, but that is wrong on so many levels. I have so many unworn items hanging in my closet, and not enough space to store everything.

 I am feeling really annoyed at myself, so I plan to do the following in the month of February...

(1) Total Online Shopping Ban - I am not to buy anything online for the whole of February. I will avoid websites like Ozbargain and the Vogue Forums, which encourage me to buy.

(2) Fashion and Accessories Retail Shopping Ban - I will not buy any clothing or accessories (including jewellery) for the month of February from any retail store. *excludes op shops

(3) When op shopping, I will pause and think twice about every item before buying it, and remember that I need to de-clutter!

(4) I will sort through my wardrobe and create a 'for sale' section on this blog, so that my readers can buy some of my unworn or pre-loved items at bargain prices.


  1. Good luck! I need to try and stick to a shopping ban, but it's just no fun :(

  2. I agree with your frustration about online sites allowing you add items which are out of stock. I also make orders considering the high flat shipping rate. You want to get your money worth.

  3. Good luck... i need to do the same!


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