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Saturday, January 07, 2012

The Cool Kids Bookshelf: Different Like Coco

The cool kids bookshelf part #1. For cool kids, and even cooler adults who never really grew up.

This sweet little picture book is perfect for the budding fashion designer. It is nicely illustrated and classed as a childrens book, but is also a true biography of Coco Chanel.

Putting on my nanny / child psychologist hat, I do not think this is an ideal picture book for children. It certainly wouldn't win any awards for coaxing developmental milestones or reactions, and it isn't particularily engaging except perhaps for children who have long grown out of picture books but yearn for simpler times and bedtime cuddles from Mum and Dad.

With my fashionista hat on, I say that this is a must have for any cool kid's bookshelf. If you gift this, it will be as much a gift for the Mother as for the child. If you buy it for your own, it might be your princess's very important first exposure to the world of fashion design. If you are a Chanel fan, or you have a dog (or child) called Coco (Courtney Cox Arquette does, don't laugh) then it is a must buy.

Most importantly, it brings some glamour into motherhood and child rearing. It also amazingly provides some insight into today's fashion industry, for example why models who look like unshapley stick insects strut on the catwalks.

About the book (courtesy of Amazon.com): A poor, skinny orphan, she brightened her colorless convent childhood by sewing dresses for her dolls. She also dreamed big dreams. Coco couldn't afford to dress like the corseted ladies of high society and she was never going to be shapely. There was no point in trying to be like them. Instead, she tried to be different.

Once she was on her own, she turned her tailoring talent into a career as a dress designer. Coco, who was sticklike rather than shapely, designed dresses for figures like hers. Soon, her clothes were being snapped up, and thanks to her enigmatic personality and sense of style, she became a celebrity.

As Coco herself said, "In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different."


  1. O.M.G! Must get this book. We have a rabbit named Coco Chanel and my eldest daughter (while she is 11 and beyond picture books) would love this as she loves fashion (particularly vintage fashion) and the being different thing is actually terrifying for her (she has some pretty bad anxiety issues). Off to add it to my wishlist!

  2. You might be qualified to get a $1,000 Amazon Gift Card.


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