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Friday, January 30, 2015

More DIY with old drawers!

I have already done a post on up-cycling ideas for old drawers, but since I have quite a collection of these myself and would love some more inspiration, I did some further digging... here are some more great ideas:

Cute bathroom storage idea - I especially love the towel hanger attached underneath!

 Create a pin up board inside an old drawer (Source)

 Horizontal drawer storage shelves (Source)

 Vertical drawer storage shelves

Underbed storage on rollers!

Drawer turned shoe storage

Using knobs as jewellery hangers is a great idea

Adding legs to a drawer to make a storage box (used for toys in this picture) is another good idea (Source)
Another cute drawer on legs (Source)

 Use it to create a dolls house

 Or as a jewellery hanger (Source)

 Another jewellery hanging idea

If you have an old ladder, this is a cute planter idea! (Source)

Create a freestanding cabinet (Source)

Window planter boxes (Source)

Cutlery storage (Source)

I have tried very hard to find all of the original sources for each idea above, if I missed one it's because I couldn't locate it, please let me know the source if you know :-)

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