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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Boxing Day Sales FAIL...

Next year, I'm not going to go shopping until the new years sales. I bought a few things at the 2013 boxing day sales, but EVERYTHING was in stock, and further reduced in the new year! So super frustrating.

(1) Portmans dress, paid $50 from $99. Further 30% off from Jan 2 - should have paid $35!

(2) Jeanswest capris, paid $30 from $50. Further 40% off from Jan 2 - should have paid $18!

(3) Victoria station - I bought various wallets at reduced prices on boxing day. From Dec 27, they had the same reductions AND you got 50% off the second sale item purchased.

I could not deal with the above, so I rebought everything at the discount prices and now need to return the stuff I paid a higher price for.

I know, I'm a spoilt bargain hunter and I just need to let go!


  1. Don't worry I'm the same. It really annoys me when things go on sale a week or two after I've purchased it. I usually end up getting a refund (if I haven't worn it yet) and buying it again at the lower price.

  2. Oh, how frustrating. Good on you for returning the original items though, I would intend to and then never follow through, wasting even more money.


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