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Sunday, November 03, 2013

The Search Continues for the Perfect Antique Kitchenette in WA!

I am still in search of the perfect vintage kitchenette. My taste has changed and I am now looking for something in raw wood (as opposed to painted which would require stripping) and with leadlight windows. The wood used back in those days is stunning, it's a pity to cover it in paint. My taste has certainly 'matured' since this post made in April of this year!

The problem is that in WA, these babies are rare and they are priced accordingly. I'll need to cough up $1000+ for an already restored version, and people ask for $200+ for a completely unrestored piece in need of new fittings and hours upon hours of work! This is completely different to NSW, QLD, VIC and SA, where there are plenty available for as low as $100, in already acceptable condition.

Here are a selection of beauties from eBay:

The one above sold for $101 (yes, *cries* so cheap) in the ACT!

This one is in WA, and the seller is asking for $600 which is not bad for WA prices.

 This one has been passed in at auction a few times now, because no one has bid the starting price of $200!

Hopefully one will pop up within my budget (max $300) in WA soon, otherwise I'll just have to keep looking at what other states are offering and swooning over those!

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