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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Neon Run

Recently I participated in the Perth Neon Run. It was a blast! I have never seen so many glow sticks and flashing lights in one place. It's such a kitsch idea and yet we embraced it with gusto and would do it again in a flash. The track was about 5km long, and we walked it instead of running. I collected stray glow sticks along the way (like the kid at heart I am!).

Here we are with our neon laces or glow sticks attached to our trainers, pre race:

We even had flashing neon balloons, which were super cool. They were normal balloons with little flashing lights in them, which caused the whole balloon to glow and flash.

We made it!! That's me at the front with my glow stick collection!

Afterwards, a post race snack at San Churros was in order:

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