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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Op Shopped

This is a table at the op shop, someone has donated their little bird collection! I love finding things like this...

 I couldn't resist taking some home (between 50c and $2 each), and a nice Stoneware plate too (50c)

  A new vintage linen pattern - a little bit pricey at $6, but it's double sized and in perfect condition

 The collection is slowly growing :)

 Books for $1 each, I couldn't resist jumping on the Fifty Shades of Grey bandwagon for that price!

This piece of 'artwork' will be a joke gift, part of my boy's 30th birthday present. It was marked $3, but the little old lady at the counter was so horrified by it that she discounted it to $1. I think it's fantastic (although a dust gatherer)

Kikki K wine journal (new in packaging, 50c), over the shoulder bag ($1 - my thinking is it will be a great 'cash' bag when I sell at the markets), vintage leather belt (50c).

Country Road floppy summer hat $6

 Jeans - not brand name or anything, but for $2 each I'm not complaining. I actually like jeans that have been worn in a little, the denim is so much softer.

 Vallen silk dress, $4

Desigual? or similar branded top, $4. This is intended for my Mum as it's very much her style, but if she doesn't love it, it looked great on me too :)

Portmans cream trench coat, $5.50


  1. Those birds and linens are lovely.
    I saw someone's pig collection at the oppie a couple of weeks back.

  2. i love that hat, it makes me wistful for summer x

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