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Sunday, July 06, 2014

Life right now...

A short summary of my life right now:
  • My house stinks of cat pee, or more accurately, peromone filled cat spray. My cat keeps spraying into the gas heater, despite my efforts to keep it covered with a plastic tablecloth. I turn it on and the house quickly fills with a vomit inducing odour. This has happened about 5 times now, and it's putrid. I have invested in a Sureflap cat door which I am getting installed soon - it reads microchips and will only let my cat inside. I'm hoping that this will reduce his stress levels as I have seen other neighbourhood cats come into the laundry through his cat flap...
  • The boy drought continues. I have not met a single prospect. I know that the reason is probably because I'm desperate and that if I stop looking and trying so hard, it will just happen... I have always had difficulty just living in the present and not stressing about the future, and this is no different. It is very depressing.
  • Work is boring. I'm over it.
  • I spent an idyllic week relaxing at an amazing hotel in Lombok recently. I really need to plan another trip so I have something to look forward to.

What's hot (aka the list of stuff I'm enjoying):
  • Shopping. As always.
  • Kids. They brighten the darkest days, I love their outlook. 
  • Adventure. I'm yearning for it.
  • Snuggling with my kitty cat on cold nights.
  • 'I Didn't Know I was Pregnant' - the most hilarious TV show. 
  • Chocolate. Food in general.
  • Warm bubble baths.
  • 5 star island paradise hotels and daily massages.
  • Instagram. 12 months on and still lovin' it.
  • Stumbling across a random garage sale on my street and buying unique and cheap items.
  • Succulents. I haven't killled mine yet, in fact, they're spreading.
What's not:
  • Smelling cat pee on everything. Getting down on hands and knees to clean up cat pee.
  • Discovering suspect looking stains all over my housemate's carpet with the help of my UV light which I bought to show up cat pee. Disturbing.
  • My housemate's inability to assist with any household chores, and inability to turn lights off or keep his bathroom window open so that he doesn't cause water damage (which has already happened).
  • My waist line, and not being able to eat unlimited chocolate.
  • Work. Going there every day. Getting through every day. Everything about it. 
  • Spending too much money on meaningless crap to make myself feel better.
  • Spending too much money on my cat in the form of expensive urine cleaner, an expensive cat flap and installation which involves having a whole glass sliding door replaced.
  • Clutter, and accumulating more meaningless crap.
  • Worrying about the future.
  • Meaninglessness. 
  • Loneliness.

Quote of the moment:


  1. Hi Lisa, good to see you back blogging!

    Try this recipe for removal of cat urine and the associated odour. It works wonders! I've had cats for years and stand by this recipe for complete removal of the potent smell of cat pee. You will need to completely wash the gas heater with it as to remove the remnants. He keeps going back because he can smell it you see, ;) Whatever you do, do not use a cleaning product with ammonia in it. Pee is ammonia based, so if he smells ammonia, it will be an attraction for him, not a deterrent. Here's the remarkable recipe!


    Also, a male cat usually only sprays if not desexed. My boy Casper, aka "Boofhead", sprayed my entire house before he was desexed aged 1, and then he stopped altogether. This recipe removed all the smells. Make a HUGE batch and start wiping!

    On the subject of boys. Well, let me tell ya, I've been single now for 9 years (my daughter is 9), and it's a blessing in disguise! You will meet someone wonderful when you least expect it. Remember though, keep your antennae well-tuned, and if there are any alarm bells or awkward vibes, politely say goodbye earlier rather than later.

    I wish you all the very best, and keep blogging!

    Thank you so much for looking after that other matter.

    t i n c

    1. Thanks for that recipe, I'll give it a try. The problem is that I am worried about drenching my gas heater in anything as it might damage it! Jack is desexed, this problem only started when he started being bullied by one of the neighbourhood tomcats - so it's definitely stress related behaviour :(


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