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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Simply brunching

My new living arrangement is going quite swimmingly. The family are lovely and I have so much space to myself. My little granny flat has wooden walls, making it look and feel like a cosy little log cabin. It’s actually brick with wooden slats over the top, so it’s well insulated- not sure I’d be happy living in a place made totally out of wood in Canberra’s winters. I can hear the little girl at night and it occassionally wakes me up, but I’m not expected to get up and go to her so I pop in some earplugs and fall straight back to sleep.
My ankle is healing slowly but surely. It still hurts and I am supposed to be doing physio exercises, but I am really sick of them so I’m being lazy. I think that within a few weeks I’ll be able to go jogging again, although I don’t know if I’ll be motivated enough to do that. I’ve been so busy- I now work fulltime, study fulltime and am a part time live in nanny. Any spare time I have I like to spend socialising or sleeping, and I guess that given the amount of stuff I have on I can justify skipping the exercise. Not good for me I know....
In other news, I have been making an effort to try out new brunch places. I have decided that I’m going to photograph and review the meals on here. On Sunday I went with a few girlfriends to Doubleshot Caffe in Deakin. The service was good- friendly and fast. The coffee was average, maybe slightly above. The food was simple but hearty. I wish they knew how to poach eggs properly though, mine were half hard boiled. I had the ‘Veg Delight’, which comprised of poached eggs, quinoa and soy bread, wilted spinach, sauteed mushrooms and roasted tomato. It was tasty and filling, a satisfying winter brunch:

I have also recently been to Pizzazz in Kingston a few times. They had some ‘Lemon Meringue Pancakes’ on their specials menu, which were amazing:
They looked and tasted divine, the best pancakes I have had anywhere. We returned several weeks later but alas the specials menu had changed. I ordered the ‘Orange and Semolina Pancakes’ but although nice, they didn’t compare to the LMPs:

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