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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Perth (Easter) Op Shopping

As always, my visit home to Perth over Easter included some very enjoyable op shopping with my favourite op shop buddy (my sister).

Johnsons side plate (50c) and a new teapot for the collection, because everyone needs some leopard print in their life ($3).

Brand new Bhs (UK brand) jewelled heels ($6)

Jacqui e cardigan ($5)

 Girl jewellery hanger/shelf ($3) and another teapot - a piggie that is marked Japan ($4).

Tempt top bought by my sister ($3).

I didn't buy these guys (because goodness knows I need to start being selective about accumulating non functional junk) but aren't they adorably kitsch? Anyone know the era?


  1. They are very kitsch! I would of had a lot of trouble leaving them behind. Good scores. x

  2. I love those teapots! I think I will have to try and visit more Op Shops to see what bargains I can score :)


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