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Friday, June 15, 2012

What's HOT, What's NOT (Part 3)

What's HOT

  • Decluttering
Unpacking has given me a perfect opportunity to declutter and re-order my clothes and accessories. I’m not all the way there yet, but it’s making me feel less stressed and more organized in general. I am actually *enjoying* it!

  • Nanna naps
Being unemployed is allowing me an unprecedented number of nanna naps. There’s nothing like chopping the day in half with a snooze under a warm fluffy doona. I feel like a new person afterwards.

 Source: ShareYourLove.com
  • Dogs
Cuddling my beautiful old dog in Perth and being “visited” by her and given a little lick every now and then is delightful. She has a calming influence on me, and all I need to do is look at her and it will make me smile. I lived with a cat in Canberra, and I must say that I can’t understand how people can be cat-people. If you’ve had both (dogs and cats) as pets, and you prefer cats, I’d be very interested in hearing your reasoning (because I honestly cannot understand it… lol)

  • Op Shopping in Perth
Op shops are an unrivalled hub of bargains. Most of my favourite vintage or designer gems were thrifted, and that makes them even more special. To the non op-shopping crowd, the fact that I list ‘op shopping’ as one of my hobbies raises eyebrows. I know that my fellow opaholics totally understand (and they know I’m not deranged!)

What's NOT

  • Long distance friendships
I miss my friends in Canberra. Of course it’s natural to make comparisons, and everyone was all over me when I was leaving – organising catch ups, telling me how much they’d miss me, buying me gifts etc, which heightens the contrast. In Perth, I do have some close friends but I feel like we have grown apart (as is natural) over the past 18 months during my absence.

I met up with a group of my university friends on Saturday and it wasn’t the same carefree, laughter filled night that I’d have had with my Canberra friends. We talked about law and who is with what law firm. We ate an overpriced, pretentious meal and threw money on the table for expensive drinks. I felt ungrounded and it really cemented my loss. I suppose I just need to give it time…

  • Job Hunting
People keep asking me where I would ideally like to work, and the truth is that I have no idea (or there is ‘nowhere’ that I know I’d like to work). Who knows what working at a firm will really be like? So much of my happiness at work depends on my immediate team and how we interact, and the type of work that I am given. I feel like I’m drowning in shark infested waters.

Everyone keeps trying to be helpful, but they end up offering conflicting advice. I’m never sure whether people are telling the truth or whether they have other motives. People have told me which boutique firms to avoid, and others advise me to consider those same firms.

  •  The Rat Race
Going into the city for an interview depressed me. The whole routine of catching the bus and walking to the business district with its large expanses of concrete and building after building boasting ‘river views’ reminded me of working in Perth prior to Canberra, and how much I hated it.

I hated the long commute to and from work (my parents live a way out of the city, and the bus always makes me feel carsick – there is no train access where we are). The commute probably would have been bearable if I hadn’t hated the work environment… but now the negative associations are deeply implanted into my brain.

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