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Monday, June 25, 2012

Thrifted Table Centerpiece

I was driving home on a recent Saturday and I saw a Garage Sale sign. This doesn't happen often enough for my liking. I quickly turned into the side street to explore their wares. I came away with this interesting and very large handpainted decorative bowl:

 Titled 'Space Odyssey' and signed 'Lyn '98'. The lady selling it said it's made by a Perth artist, but didn't know anything more about her. Does anyone recognise the style?

Table centerpieces are a personal thing. My Mum hates the bowl, so it looks like it will go into storage until I have a place to display it. This is Mum's current table centerpiece:

Coloured glass vases and silk leaves

Given my love of (and expanding collection of) teapots, I plan to use teapots as centerpieces too. Here are some inspirational ideas:

So easy and yet so effective - this would be perfect for a morning or afternoon tea! Source: Mum of All Trades

Terraniums are en vouge these days, but what about a terranium in a teapot? Source

For a side table - I'm loving this DIY teapot lamp stand. Source

Do you have a table centerpiece? I'd love to hear what yours is, and share ideas!

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