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Friday, September 02, 2011

Thrifty finds

Hello from Perth! I am home for a few days, to visit the family and friends and do all of my favourite Perthy rituals. I have been greeted by a storm, but nothing can dampen my spirits. I spent the day opshopping with Mum (who is not a keen opshopper, but who did well for herself today none the less).

Firstly, I have someone to introduce you to. His name is Philipé and he is a lion:

He arrived at the office for my birthday, albeit a day late. A very cute and thoughful gift from the family in Perth, which brightened up (the day after) my birthday.

Back to my favourite hobby - thrifting. Perth op shopping is fantastic. The range, the prices, the opening hours... everything about the op shops here leaves Canberra to shame. It is little surprise therefore that I found some gems.

Today's finds merit more than one post, so here is the first installment:

Handmade platter/plate with 3D lips - $2
Handmade kitsch 2 bird jug - $1

Retro crochet multi purpose bag/stand/holder - a magazine holder to me :-) $5
Sweet Indian dress up for Bub- $6.50

I had a lovely day, and there is more to post tomorrow!


  1. I'm a Perth girl! I haven't really opshopped in other states so I can't compare but it seems to be pretty great shopping here. Enjoy visiting your family and Happy Belated Birthday!

  2. Wow, I think your lion parcel is amazing! So cute! I think it's so fun that someone had that delivered to you! You lucky think

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