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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Queanbeyan Op Shopping

I was going to share my final Perth op shopping haul today, but I forgot to upload the photos - so that will wait. Instead, I will share my op shopping finds from today. I decided to take a trip out to Queanbeyan. It's in NSW, but about 20 minutes from Canberra city. If you missed the 'Welcome to NSW' sign, you wouldn't even realise that you'd left the ACT... According to Unencyclopedia

Queanbeyan is a small town on the outskirts of Canberra which fortunately for Australian Capital Territorians is officially located in New South Wales, making it New South Wales' problem... Also known as "Hell on Earth", and "That Craphole", Queanbeyan is home to many of the ugliest bogans on earth... Queanbeyan is known as the Home Of Landfilling Excellence (abbreviated HOLE)due to the native bogans stealing dirt and trash from neighbouring areas. The Queanbeyan city council received the landfiller's choice award in 2009 and it is still what they talk about everyday.

So as you can see, Queanbeyan is a bit of an in house joke. To me, it looks a lot like a big country town, and I find it quite quaint with the old buildings, concentrated main street, flower filled round-a-bouts and signs boasting "free parking", which are redundant because all parking in Queanbeyan seems to be free.

The best thing about Queanbeyan is the fact that there are 4 op shops, all within walking distance of each other, and all open most of Saturday. I have been told that the best op shopping in Canberra is in Queanbeyan (which is not Canberra), so I decided to check it out this morning. I have to agree, the op shopping there is good. Definitely comparable to Perth op shopping, so I'm a happy camper :-) I had a very successful day.

Firstly for the non-vintage, this cute Maxwell Williams teapot from the 'Crazy Horse' range, $4:

Soft bird scarf, with screen printed birds (and artist signature), $1:

Kelly Lane cardigan, $5. I wasn't sure about the bling on this one, but when I saw that it is 100% merino wool (and in perfect condition), I couldn't resist. Merino wool is a great all season fabric, so this will be the perfect spring cardigan:
Zero idea why this is showing up sideways- sometimes computers just don't make sense. I rotated and saved the picture, and it's the right way up on my computer. I rotated and saved one of the photos below too, and that one is showing up the right way... Technology and I don't mix a lot of the time.

 And now for the vintage! This tea set (5 cups, 5 saucers and a teapot) for $6 the lot. It only says "Made in China" on it so isn't anything expensive, but I like the pattern:

This beautiful vintage little girl's dress was $2. I couldn't resist, even though it won't fit Bub. The pattern is darling:

And finally, a vintage cardigan for myself, $6. I have too many oversized vintage jumpers and cardigans that I don't wear, but this looked good even with what I was wearing today so I couldn't resist:

Does anyone know why 2 of my photos are showing up sideways, and a third that I also rotated is showing up the right way?! Seriously annoying, and I don't understand it!

I spent the whole morning shopping, enjoyed myself immensely and spent a grand total of $24. And that is why I love op shopping :-)

I hope you're also having a lovely weekend!


  1. i love that tea set! it's all about pattern for me too, regardless of where it's made. love it. photographing finds is part of the adventure...it's like i'm discovering them all over again! x

  2. Oo that little girls vintage dress is gorgeous!! Don't you just love op-shopping?! I always do up my number of things to how much I spent ratio up after each 'expedition'!

    x Aliya

  3. That little girls dress is freaking gorgeous! That cardigan is cute too.

    E :)

  4. Ohh thats what i love about op-shopping..bags and bags of goodies, and still money in your purse.
    The scarf is a beauty. x

  5. Love your finds and the girls dress. Rather jealous of the dress, I have an extensive range of vintage children's clothing and that little number is precious. Love the cardie too.

  6. Love the tea set and specially the vintage cardigan, it's soooo pretty! :)

  7. Well worth the drive I think! It is great to hit new oppies and find them laden with treasure isn't it!

  8. Hi Lisa, just found your post while searching for op shops in Queanbeyan. We are visiting on the weekend so I'm hoping to have a look at the op shops. Hope they are still as good as you say :)

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