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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Click Frenzy online shopping purchases

I managed to *somewhat* restrain myself during the recent Click Frenzy sale. Here is the haul:

 Lovestruck dandelion print dress (5.95 GBP), Asos 3D multi flower collar (3.15 GBP), Beloved Fiona shirt dress with embroidered collar (14 GBP) and Asos sleeveless skater dress in colourblock (12.25 GBP). I paid in pounds because it ends up being cheaper than using their AUD/GBP conversion rate!

Fila neon aerosprinter runners - $30 delivered. These might hurt my eyes too much to use, but at the price I just couldn't resist!

Slazenger items - grey top ($5), spray jacket ($6), running pants ($5), running 3/4 pants ($5), men's hoody ($5) and men's white tennis shirt ($5) - all including postage.

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