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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Garage Sale Trail 2013

Last weekend was the annual Garage Sale Trail. 2013 was the first year this has really taken off in Perth, and I am hopeful that next year will be even bigger and better and that IT issues with the website will be ironed out.

It was basically a Saturday when everyone was encouraged to hold a garage sale, so that shoppers could follow a 'trail' around their area. There was a mind blowing number of sales listed in my area:

Unfortunately I found the website to be difficult to use and the custom map I printed out turned out to be inaccurate, so I was driving around to places where there was supposedly a sale and the map location was dismally incorrect. Luckily, there were enough sales on in the area that I could just cruise around and follow signs that people had put up.

Some of the sales were really overpriced, but most were bargain heaven. I found one in particular which I loved - it was 5 ladies who had come together at one house and the whole backyard was filled with their goodies. They were all self professed 'collectors', and had vintage and unique items galore! I was in heaven!

Here are my purchases :)

KK bag (new) $5 and owl brooch $1:

Unusual spice holder $1:

These amazing hand-painted vintage scales are my absolute favourite find:

Vintage jaffle press ($1): 
A vintage English chamber pot!? ($5), cute 'washroom' sign for the bathroom door $1, and a cooling rack for my baking $1:

 They threw in this free folk art light switch decoration :):

A designer dress up for Bub who I will soon be visiting in Canberra ($2):

Stylish Geoff Bade cardigan for my grandma ($5):

A 2 level scratching post, in unused condition, for $5! I gifted this to my friend, it's pictured with her gorgeous new kitten on top:

Finally, this cute pot plant tea infuser came brand new in packaging ($1):

The whole haul:


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