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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Ezibuy Homewares to Die For

I have always found Ezibuy to be overpriced, especially once you factor in their shipping costs. However, browsing their website recently, I fell in love with many of their ranges. If there was one homewares store that I'd love to go on a shopping spree at, it would be online, at Ezibuy.

Here are my picks/wishlist:

 Floral Chain duvet set - queen $98 (on sale)

 Julienne bed pack - sold out in queen

 Owlley cushion - $24.50 (on sale)

Port sippers - $20 for 4

 Tea Party Cushion - $50

Vinales cushion - $50

 Galaxy decorative hook $13

Trelise Cooper Flower Surge Duvet Set - currently $112 for queen sized (on sale already)

I like the bird cushion, I think it has sold out though.

Embellish knobs - $9 each

Decorative knobs - $10 each


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