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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Brunch Review: Bittersweet, Kingston

I was excited to try out the newest addition to the Green Square cafe scene in Kingston, and I am happy to report that they make excellent coffee! I like it a lot more than the popular Kingston Grind coffee next door.
 Our meals included:
Ham, cheese and tomato croissant

Scrambled egg, mushroom and feta breakfast foccacia


Menu variety / creativity: 5.5/10. They have quite a basic regular menu (including a lot of premade breakfast foccacias and croissants that you can view in the cabinet) and a changing specials menu. They offer a more limited choice than other cafes in the area (eg Pizzazz) and are very limited on sweet options.

Taste:  6/10. My breakfast foccacia was dry and didn't really tantalise the tastebuds.

Coffee: 8/10. Great. On par with Cafe Velo for my favourite coffee in Kingston.

Setting / location: 7/10. Lovely to sit outside on a warm day. The inside is okay, with lots of sunshine and minimalist decor.

Service: 6/10. It was friendly (a rare find in Canberra) but oh-so disorganised. They messed up our order, and the orders of others who were paying before us. I have since returned for takeaway coffee, and while waiting for my order I witnessed the ongoing chaos - random items added to peoples orders, people not getting things they ordered etc. On a busy Saturday morning, it's a long wait for takeaway coffee too (I waited 10-15 min) as they don't put takeaway orders ahead of dine in. This means that I'd rather go to Cafe Velo where I am guaranteed a speedy takeaway coffee.

Price: 7.5/10. Average for Canberra for the specials menu and cooked to order menu items. The premade cabinet selection is cheaper, at around $9.50 for a breakfast foccacia. This gets extra points as cheap brekkie options aren't the norm.

Verdict: Yummy coffee, service with a smile. End the service chaos and add some more menu options and this would be an ideal cafe.


  1. Yum yum! Nothing better than a good brunch to start off the weekend!

  2. Great review! My family is all in Canberra so I go there often, great to read this.



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