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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Things I'm Loving

I feel like I have been overly negative on this blog lately, and although that is reflective of my current state of mind (and this blog reflects that), I do feel guilty for dragging my readers into it. So, on a more positive note...

#1 Have you heard of 'The Real Hot Chocolate'? This stuff is amazing. It's a block of chocolate stuck to a wooden spoon, that you melt into hot milk for some delicious rich chocolatey goodness. In between mixing, you can lick melted chocolate off the spoon.

They sell at my local IGA for $4.50 each, which is a bit pricey for one drink. They are cheaper if you buy them online (in bulk), eg a pack of 20 posted to Canberra ends up being $3.20 per stick. Still exxy :/ Someone buy me 100?

Melted dark chocolate goodness - lickety lick!

#2 The smell of freshly baked goods on a cold morning, and biting into a still warm chocolate chip cookie when the choc bits are still gooey... Baked using cute and colourful baking tools - this little guy has suction feet so it stays upright (I want one!):

#3 Playing with sparklers and evoking memories of a carefree childhood:

#4 Elaborate cakes that are pieces of art (this one spotted at Bread Top in South Yarra):

#5 Books that uplift and inspire - This is my favourite creative book of the moment. A more in depth review to follow :)
#6 Animals.... 'nuff said


  1. That real hot chocolate looks like something I'm going to LOOOOOOOOVE!!!! YUM!


  2. OH I haven't seem them here but I so want one! I love hot chocolate.

  3. I love Real Hot Chocolate. I first found a similar version at Floriade and was hooked! And that doggie shaped cake - I've taken pictures of that too, at Canberra center! Not too sure about buying it though!


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