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Sunday, May 29, 2011

God is testing my strength!

Many things have gone wrong for me since moving to Canberra, and it has been hard to deal with these things without my close friends and family around me. The latest saga is that I broke my ankle during a netball game! Thankfully I don't have to get a cast, as the break is only at the side of my ankle (I somehow managed to crack the talus bone).
I am hobbling around on crutches and still in a significant amount of pain 2 weeks post injury. The most annoying thing is that I can't drive, so am relying on lifts from workmates and friends who I haven't known for very long. The second most annoying thing (actually, this ties with being the most annoying) is that I may have to postpone my hip operation which is scheduled for the end of June, until December. This is because I have not been using my hip (ankle and hip are both right side) and so it will be significantly weakened pre op. This will impact on my recovery and rehab, as will the fact that I'll be rehabbing my ankle at the same time as the hip! There are pros and cons to this, but neither option is ideal.

I have been struggling a lot with living on the top floor of an old apartment block with no lifts... I even fell down once while trying to get up. Four flights of stairs on crutches kills your arms and is a great workout. My poor Dad had to fly over from Perth for 3 days to help me out, because I was finding things to difficult and I was in such agony. Now that I can put a very small amount of weight on the ankle while still using the crutches, the stairs have gotten a lot easier. I think my arms have gotten a lot more muscular over these past weeks!

I cancelled my gym membership and with my constant cravings for junk food, my incapacity has the potential to result in significant weight gain... It's a hard gig because I am not particularly happy here and junk food makes me temporarily happy! At this point I'm just eating whatever I want because I feel sorry for myself, but it will have to stop (and be reversed) at some point if I want to avoid buying a whole new wardrobe... I already have 8kg to loose to get me back to my pre-traveling weight and I already can't fit into half of my clothes, so this is a dangerous situation!

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