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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Much deserved update

It has been too long, but hopefully this "slack" blogging will soon end. It has not really been slackness, but rather, I moved to Canberra and left my lovely powerful desktop computer in Perth. My only internet access has been at work (where writing a blog is definitely a no-no) and at home using my 7 year old laptop. It really is so slow and useless that it's less irritating if I just forgo internet, rather than try to use it.

Today I bought a brand spankin' new Toshiba Satellite L650/0K5 Laptop from Officeworks.

At $998, it fell within my preferred price range of  less than $1000. I don't think it was an amazing deal, but rather an okay price for a sufficiently powerful laptop. As we speak, my lovely laptop is being charged and installing Windows into itself :-)

Good bye 7 year old dinosaur laptop, hello pearly white Toshiba!

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