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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Op Shopped

The boy was away last weekend so I decided to do something that I love and he hates - go op shopping :) It was perfect timing because Good Sammys had 50% off all clothes, shoes and linen too. I had a very successful trip, picking up some lovely vintage goodies and modern clothes and shoes.

 The vintage linen collection and the crockery collection continues to expand!

I love this print. The lady at the op shop counter was angry that it had only been priced at $4, she said 'it's probably worth a fortune'. I think that's a stretch, but who knows? 

 I have picked up some nice simple serving trays at oppies, and one can never have too many silk scarves...

 Another vintage print - I am trying to build up a collection so that I can fill a wall with multiple pictures of different sizes and with mismatched frames. The Witchery leather heels are in excellent condition too, what a steal.

 I bought these for my sister because they're too small for me - having an op shopping sibling must be great!
I also picked up these clothes for me:

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