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Sunday, July 31, 2011

DFO Delight

In shopping news, I have had some success at DFO recently (2 separate trips, approx. a month apart).
My haul:
  • Two casual tops at Jacqui e, reduced to $20 each and with a further 30% off ($14 each) - reduced from $70 and $60 respectively
  • Sheer tunic from Dotti, $10 - reduced from $70
  • 5 pairs of cute underpants from Cotton on Body for $10 ($2 each!) - reduced from $5-$7 each
  • Stainless steel drink bottle from Typo, $5 [On my 2nd visit, these same bottles were back at full price of $20 again?]
  • Portmans stunning embroidered top, $30 with a further 30% off ($21) - reduced from $70
  • Windsor Smith black leather ‘Louie’ ankle boots, $40 - reduced from $120:
Joanne Mercer nude strappy heels, my bridesmaid shoes- $25, reduced from $99-

Kids activity books from Angus & Robertson, $2.50 each (reduced from $15 and $20 respectively):

Which begs the question.... why pay full price??? I just can't justify it...


  1. Love the Joanne Mercer heels! Could you share what the style name is so I can try to find them here in the US? Thanks!

  2. Hi YSPC, I checked the heels and unfortunately they don't have the style name written on them! I'll try do some googling for you but if I don't reply again, that means I can't mind it - sorry!


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